Devlog #1: Gotta start somewhere

Generic Intro Post

I want to make a short 2D game that touches on depression and anxiety, so basically a happy go lucky type of game. Current thought is to have the player explore their house over the course of a few days while dealing with mental health issues. We'll see how well I can make it feel the way I want. 

First step for me was to just get some sort of movement and room transition set up. Thankfully Unity has a 2D movement controller with character, so movement was easy. Just had to get the movement between rooms set up. 

I used the animal faces to show have a quick way to see what room you're in (top left animal), and the ones on the ground are the room you'll be moving to. Obviously when I do some actual work on art, those will be things like "doors". 

Next up? Picking up objects. 

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